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Argos Live Chat Support – The most strategic move by Home Retail Group

Home Retail Group is one of the largest general and home merchandise companies in UK. It’s also the owner of Argos online and Argos Live Chat support. Home Retail Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. GUS plc acquired Argos in 1998 and combined it with its Argos Contact mail order business to form Argos Retail Group (ARG) in 2000.

The company was already the owner of Argos and Habitat and later on even went on to own Homebase, a DIY company. It went on to acquire Homebase for £900 million in 2002, bringing it into ARG. In 2005, GUS Argos Live Chat bought 33 Index stores. Argos used the Homebase format to convert the newly-acquired index stores. in February 2016 Homebase was sold to Wesfarmers, an Australian retail company.

Sainsbury Shows interest in Argos Live Chat Support and finally acquires it

Sainsbury, a Britain based supermarket company had shown its interest in buying Argos Live Chat support in 2015. In November 2015, the Group rejected a £1 billion takeover proposal from the supermarket company Sainsbury’s. On 5th January 2016, the company officially acknowledged the merger talks . The company kept on making new moves and finally went into an agreement to buy the company for £1.4 billion. The acquisition was completed during the third quarter of 2016.

History of Home Retail Group

One ARG and GUS ended their partnership, ARG got a new name – Home Retail Group. Trading of Home Retail Group Argos Live Chat support’s share started at London Stock Exchange from 11 October 2006. The year 2007 witnessed the HRG buying 27 stores from Focus DIY.  They used the Homebase format to convert all of those stores. The year 2011 witnessed HRG even buying exclusive rights to the Habitat brand.  Argos online brand designs,  an intellectual property in the Ireland and UK also became a part of the company.

In 2016, Homebase was sold to  an Australia retailing company Wesfarmers for a whopping sum of £340 million.

Argos Live Chat Support

Argos Live Chat support is a great initiative by Argos to help the online customers decide on the type of products that are appropriate for them. Customers shopping online are able to choose a product with active help from live chat support. This intuitive program is powered by predictive analysis.

Online customers are able to make choices pertaining to the products that they consider to be the best through the use of predictive analytics while they shop online. [24]7 is a firm that offers intuitive customer experience and it works in unison with Argos to offer the online live chat support.  [24]7’s Predictive Sales solution uses the highly sophisticated predictive technology in order to identify the customers who can actually benefit from the assistance to finalize their purchase decision.

Live Chat Support – Customer Feedback

Customers love the experience and have even welcomed the move as they are experiencing satisfactory results with every purchase. This has all eventually led to an improved conversion rates for the company.  Argos is focusing on focusing on customer-centric strategies. Industry experts believe that live chat support is one of the best moves by the company in the recent years.

Customers who need assistance at the time of shopping are getting the opportunity to avail the live chat support feature. This brilliant idea stemmed from the personal experiences of sales executive working at digital stores. Argos executives used to help their customers in choosing their products. This is nothing but a natural progression from how in-store helped the customers during their purchase. Customers always appreciate help and when a company keeps on offering that through features like Live Chat Support, it will automatically lead to customer satisfaction.

A Fruitful Partnership

The opportunity to offer intuitive assistance to the deserving customers at a critical time has been possible only after Argos partnered with [24]7. Relevant as well as timely assistance is critical towards the success of such assistance programs.

Predictive digital assistance on specific product lines is the first of its kind that is being offered through the partnership with [24]7. Historical data and online behaviour of a customer is used to determine whether they need assistance or not. It also helps Argos to engage and offer them products by the use of Live Chat support.

The company uses live Chat support to initiate contextually relevant conversations with customers needing assistance. Live chat support facilitates accurate prediction for the timing of the assistance. It even uses the real-time cross channel behaviour to understand customer’s needs.  There has been an automatic rise in revenue because of this program. Argos is able to have meaningful interactions with its customer through the Live Chat support feature.